Early Experiences

As a child growing up in Korea, Sasha was curious about the social and cultural norms of the old ways – things like matchmaking, the meaning of the Korean national flag and the placement of grave sites. She discovered that her ancestors used Feng Shui principles for her family burial grounds for several hundred years. This inspired her to learn more about the ancient sciences.

Sasha's family Sasha's grandmother, mother of seven children and Sasha's mother and aunt. Her grandmother was wife to the Mayor of Oakchun, known as an ancient city of Confucianist and Buddhist scholars.
Sasha's aunts Sasha's aunts in the garden behind the 200-year-old family mountain temple.
Sasha's grandfather's funeral Sasha's grandfather's funeral. The average Korean of this era believed in Buddhism combined with Shamanism, Confuciansim and a little Taoism. Mother and baby sister are in second row far left.
Sasha and her aunt Sasha and her aunt, on an outing by the river.
Sasha and her family Sasha (far left) and her family in the courtyard of their home in Seoul.

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