1. What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is the study of time, location and space. There are 3 factors that affect one's life: heaven, earth and humanity. Feng Shui is the earth component that affects one third of one's destiny. I have always been drawn to Feng Shui for it is the foundation of a good part of Asian society.


2. What exactly do you do?
Recently, I'm excited about bringing Classical Feng Shui and BaZi Astrology workshops and seminars from Mastery Academy (based in Malaysia) to an American audience. I also I offer individual and commercial consultations in Feng Shui and BaZi, globally. With my background as an artist and designer, I enjoy collaborating with designers (Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape and Graphic designers) to ensure that the end results work from a Classical Feng Shui persepective.


3. What types of spaces have you worked on?
When I was an art director and set designer in the film and TV industry, I created environments that were artificial — but made to look real for the camera. Now as a Feng Shui consultant, I create personalized, supportive environments to enhance the quality of one's life. Types of spaces include homes, offices, entrances for bank's and hotels and hospitals.


4. How did you become interested in Feng Shui?
Growing up in Korea, I was curious about the "old ways"— matchmaking, placement of gravesites, the Yi Jing symbols on the Korean flag. I wanted to learn the Taoist principles of Yi Jing, which is the foundation for Feng Shui. I discovered that my ancestors used Yin Feng Shui for our family burial grounds for several hundred years in Korea. These insights inspired me to further my studies of this fascinating ancient science.


5. Do you feel that Feng Shui has become a trend?
The in-depth, authentic, Classical Feng Shui knowledge has just entered America only in the recent years. However, prior to this, "Feng Shui" in America was cheapened and oversimplified. This very complex ancient wisdom was watered down to promises of easy fixes with cheap trinkets such as wind chimes, ba-gua mirrors, crystals and so forth.


6. How did you study the art form?
I studied with respected Feng Shui masters in US, Europe and Asia. I have completed advanced training with Joey Yap's Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. Joey Yap has set the highest standards of excellence in the field of Classical Feng shui and Chinese Metaphysics.


7. What's your process, from beginning to end?
I begin by analyzing the environment, residents and current astrological cycle. Each of us are born with a certain capacity in life (heaven luck). After careful analysis, I advise people how to enhance their environment, (earth luck) and their intensions and actions (man luck), to do the right things, at the right time, in the right places.


8. What are some "problem areas" in a home or office?
Many American homes and buildings are designed with missing sectors. These can have negative impacts over time. Also many people don't take advantage of their helpful directions, sectors and elements, which can improve their personal energy and well being.


9. How can good Feng Shui improve personal relationships?
When humans feel comfortable and nurtured in their environment, they're happier and more productive; this helps their personal relationships.


10. What are some other benefits of Feng Shui?
Our environment affects one third of our destiny. If one is living in the right building, facing their auspicious direction, which supports his/her own personal energy, that is a great start!


11. Can you share a few success stories?
I've worked with many clients in the process of transformation from searching for the right life path, to career and relationships. I've chosen date selections for cesarean births. I often feel like being a Feng Shui Consultant is like being a minister, healer, designer, and therapist all rolled into one! However my "therapy" is more directed and concentrated than other therapuetic techniques.


12. Can you offer any tips we can apply to our homes or offices?
In Classical Feng Shui, we are evaluating the location and direction of the main door, kitchen, and master bedroom. These are three important factors to look at in order to determine if your environment is supporting you. My solutions are dependant upon the occupant's unique birth charts, directions of the home and the astrological cycle at that time.


13. What's your favorite quote?
"If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation, if there is order in the nation, there will be peace on earth"
Chinese proverb


14. What's your career goal?
As the founder of Sasha Lee Consultants, my goal is to inform and inspire others about the benefits of Classical Feng Shui. Also I strive to grow a consultancy that will work with international corporations, architects, developers and residential properties. I also hope to grow as a speaker and writer who is committed to helping people thrive.

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