Earth Luck

Earth Luck, (Feng Shui) pertains to the influence of your environment on your life and destiny. Your environment influences you. It can either support you or offer challenges in health, career and relationship.

Classical Feng Shui is more than 'positive thinking' and placement of wind chimes. Classical Feng Shui taps into your favorable locations and directions to support you in all that you do.

Classical Feng Shui works by making intentional enhancements that focus on changing the environment so that success and prosperity will follow.

There are two approaches to Classical Feng Shui:

San He (Form school)
San He reads the visible chi of the earth, which looks at distance to water and land forms, mountains, trees and plants to determine the positive or negative influence on people and their surroundings.

San Yuan (Compass School)
San Yuan reads the invisible chi of heaven. Incorporating the concept that heaven and earth should be in harmony, San Yuan teaches that we are a small reflection within the macrocosm of heaven and earth.

Ba Zhai determes auspicious and inauspicious areas of a house or building. Xuan Kong, measures the quality of Qi affecting the building in a specific time cycle. These are the “maps” of how Qi flows into an environment.

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"It's truly a gift to have Sasha in my life. Her Feng Shui expertise and knowledge of Chinese astrology far exceeded any expectations. Aided by my Four Pillars chart and intuitive awareness of Qi, she helped transform my space in ways that unleashed new levels of creative energy and better support my life goals. Sasha literally creates and holds a unique space for each and every one of her clients..."

Donna G., M.D. Physician and
Photographer, Richmond, CA

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