Heaven Luck

Heaven Luck refers to fate; the luck you are born with. It is fixed at birth, and determines our potential and talents. It is the placement of stars and planets at the time of your birth that can aid or hinder your earthly path. In Chinese Metaphysics, one's energy field is analyzed by the five elements according to your birth info.

The two methodologies used to define one's Heaven Luck are:

BaZi Analysis (Four Pillars of Destiny)
Used for over 5,000 years in Asia, BaZi, Four Pillars of Destiny (or Saju in Korean) is a system of Chinese Astrology based upon an individual's birth info. This system enables you to gain a deeper and more profound understanding of your potentials, weaknesses and can guide you to create a more fulfilling life.

BaZi Calculator
Find your BaZi ( 8 characters) by placing your year, month, day and hour of birth in the calculator below. Click Calculate to see your chart. Please Note: This calculator uses approximate times and is to be used as a guide and example only.

ZeRi (Date Selection)
Date Selection or ZeRi is a meticulous process that matches the BaZi of an individual to an auspicious date, to ensure a favorable outcome.

When choosing a favorable date (for example, a wedding day, launching a new business, or signing a contract), proper timing will foster smooth sailing. Date Selection should help activate Feng Shui solutions, to maximize the positive effects.

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