Human Luck

Human Luck governs a person's virtues, education and actions. It is the element we can have the most control over to improve our lives. Our thoughts, intentions and choices have a great impact on the outcome of our experiences. Through meditation, awareness and clarity of our intentions, we can make positive choices that influence the direction of our future. And in turn, we can effect the environment around us.

Changing our reactions and our thoughts to our external circumstances can be the most powerful action we take to alter our human luck:

  • Prioritize your values
  • Be clear about your goals
  • Meditate before taking major action
  • Think green - be ecologically conscious
  • Be aware of how your actions can impact on a global level
  • Be open to opportunities and change
  • Think globally act locally

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"Sasha has a natural ability to identify and remedy problem areas in your life and home. With her help I was able to adjust the spaces in my home to a more harmonious living and working environment. I feel a sense of renewal and clarity in many areas of my life..."

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