Residential consultation includes an assessment of the Feng Shui of the property and provides solutions that can be implemented into your home. The consultation can focus on areas where the client particularly needs attention. For example: real estate issues, family harmony, health or career prospects. The birth details of all residents will be taken into consideration for the assessment.

  • Main entrance location and enhancement
  • Family compatibility
  • House layout
  • Working with architcts, interior designers, and builders
  • Date selection for marriage, travel and moving

Clients (partial list):
Nolet Residence – Atherton, CA
Lui Residence - San Francisco, CA
Fancher Residence – Hillsborough, CA
Lin Residence – Palo Alto, CA
Sieber Residence – Woodside, CA
Baldwin Residence – Fremont, CA
Stonum Residence – San Carlos, CA
Bansner Cottage – Berkeley, CA
Garingan Residence – San Francisco CA
Rubinstein Residence – Santa Rosa, CA
Bhat Residence – San Francisco CA
Oscar Residence – Sonoma, CA
Brown Residence – Berkeley, CA
Thayer Residence – Petaluma, CA
Rowe Residence – Oakland, CA
Bentz Residence – Fremont, CA
Pimentel Residence – Livermore, CA
Crowe Residence – San Carlos, CA
Melton Residence – Oakland, CA
Moss Residence – Union City, CA

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tel: 415.350.4054

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"Fantastic!!! Very knowledgeable!!! Listened to what I wanted!!! Handled every aspect in a very professional manner, yet made me feel like I was working with a dear friend!!! The process is still evolving but definitely anticipate being completely wowed!!!"

Sharon S., Office Manager,
Hayward, CA

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