2008 - BaZi Mastery Module 4

Destiny Decoding Unleashed in San Francisco

August 27-31, 2008

The BaZi Mastery Series Module 4 took place at Galleria Park Hotel, San Francisco. Class began with a concentrated focus on the 60 Jia Zi (or the Four Pillars). This particular section teaches how to be sum up a person quite thoroughly just by knowing his or her Day Pillar, without having to resort to the 10 Gods. Students were also taught the Ancient Classics, which were full of short, pithy anecdotes related to BaZi and its application to one's life. BaZi Module 4 was the "final frontier," that students had to cross in order to complete their BaZi education. Here's to the accomplished graduates of BaZi Mastery Series Module 4!





BaZi classmates with Master Joey Yap
san francisco , USA . August 2008

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