2013 - Business BaZi with BaZiQueen

"BaZiQueen" in San Francisco

Sept. 14 - 17, 2013

The Business of BaZi workshop is a Senior Level practitioner training workshop taught by Bernice Low, BaZiQueen from Malaysia. 

We learned how to leverage the strengths in a chart by:
1. Identifying the wealth that plays the most strongly in a chart
2. Structuring wealth objectives to maximize short and long
term wealth.
3. Structuring various partnerships that work for each individual, identify pitfalls and how to manage them.
4. Defining or tweaking business objectives to fit the capacity of a chart 
3. Redefining or tweaking a business plan to maximize reaching objectives
4. Taking a business to the next level
5. Placing staff in positions that work for them and the business
6. Fixing staff Issues and problems
7. Using key points in time to take action for all the above.

This workshop was co-produced with ICCM, Institute of Classical Chinese Metaphysics.

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